Our pricing structure is primarily based on quantity. We have two sets, one for Nicotine and one for CBD products, any of our product ranges are fully customisable. We do not charge for personal recipes or mix ratios.

Prices include Flavour development, design development, free samples for testing and trying. Price is inclusive of VAT and does not include the shipping charges.


Nicotine based E-Liquids CBD Based E-Liquids
100 - 1000 Bottles ---------------- £1.20 each 50 - 100 Bottles ---------------- £5.20 each
1001 - 3000 Bottles -------------- £1.00 each 101 - 1000 Bottles ------------ £4.00 each
3001 - 6000 Bottles -------------- 89p each 1001 - 6000 Bottles ----------- £3 each
6001 - 10000 Bottles ------------ 70p each 6000 plus Bottles -------------- £2.80 each
10000 plus Bottles ---------------- 60p each Add Nicotine --------------------- Add 10p each



Please do be advised, that as your product is being custom made, and if it contains Nicotine, you will need to register the product to comply to the TPD EU laws, we can help with this or do it for you at an extra cost. We provide all paper work required regarding the products composition to enable you to register your products.