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10 Motives refills

10 Motives refills
29th April 2013 ultravape

At UltraVape we have the best compatible 10 Motives Refills available on todays market and the only branded compatible ten motives refills in the UK that have been fully tested down to the thread and most importantly the voltage to work with your 10 motives battery. Best of all they are all UK made

Save money better flavours

Our 10 Motives (Ten Motives) compatible refills come in both disposable and refillable range and we have 12 flavours to choose from:

Tobacco – Virginia Tobacco- Menthol – Cherry – Strawberry – Apple – Passion fruit – Tutti Fruiti – Grape – Blueberry – Vanilla – Coffee

Each one of our 10 motives (ten motives) refills hold 40 cigarettes equivalent compared to 10 motives 25 cigarette equivalent and come in packs of 5 for £6.99

What are your savings?

It works out at 45% savings comparing our cartomiser refills to ten motives cartomiser refills (without postal charges!)

10 motives refills are selling for £6.99 per 5 pack containing 125 cigarettes from the ten motives website with a £3 delivery charge.

We are selling ten motives (or 10 motives) compatible refills in packs of 5 for £6.99 at 200 cigarettes equivelant with free postage on all orders

Thats an extra 75 cigarettes at a cheaper price with a better flavour.

Were and how do you get them?

Just click one of the links bellow to find our 10 ten motives range

For ten motives refillable cartomiser refills (huge money saver, can refill the cartomiser with eliquids) click here

UltraVape is a British Manufactured Pharmaceutical Grade Product. We are Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD) Compliant Suppliers, our products comply with the latest 2016 law

UltraVape contains Products that are intended for persons of the age 18 years or older, please confirm your age to continue